Get your own Automation Engineer

Business system automation saves your time and money. Why waste time on repetitive processes when you can automate it.


Radium’s automation engineers can save your business hours of time by creating automations around your work flow. Don’t spend time repeating the same task when you can automate it.

Example: If your overhead costs are €1,000,000 per a year. Saving 1 hour per week could save your business €29,000 in overhead costs. That’s equal to a 2.9% saving.


Create your own automation

Do you have an idea for an automation that would help you save time? Contact Radium’s automation engineers now. We’ll help you find a cost effective way of deploying your process automation. Start making life easier and saving your business money.

We can create automations using loads of different tools. Some you might already be paying for. This will give you even more savings as you get more from the apps you are already paying for.

  • Google Sheet

    What manual steps are taking up my time?

  • Sage

    Discuss these with Radium's Automation Team

  • Process is automated. Time and money is saved.


Automate your billing process

​Accounting can take up so much time. It's one of the most time consuming processes for small and large businesses alike. Ask yourself and your accounting team, can these processes, that are taking up so much valuable time be automated?

Radium Automation reviews these processes with you and tells you exactly what can be streamlined, giving you a clear indication as to how much time will be saved.​

  • Google Sheet

    When I need to invoice a client

  • Zoho

    Record time spent on accounting

  • Sage

    Create an invoice at month-end


Streamline your sales leads

As Sales Manager, I get so many leads. How do I manage all of these? What actions do I take when new leads are generated? Which members of my sales team are these tasks allocated to and who/what decides that? What steps do my team members need to follow with new leads they generate and how much times is spent just following procedure?

Why am I, as Sales Manager, micro-managing my sales team when all of this could be automated so that I can focus on retaining the huge contracts that keep my business hugely profitable and indeed, spend time creating more of these?

  • Google Sheet

    When I receive new lead

  • Zoho

    Send it to my sales team

  • Sage

    Create a new deal


Integrate your marketing solutions

Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Marketing departments or client focused marketing companies can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns - not just for the sake of efficiency, but also to provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

The technology behind marketing automation makes these tasks faster and easier to do. This results in less time spent by you and your marketing team and MUCH higher return on your investment.

  • Google Sheet

    When I create a new drip campaign

  • Zoho

    Sent out email promotions

  • Sage

    Measure triggers and responses


No more tedious administration

General administration is one of the biggest overheads in any business. Many day to day administrative tasks can be completely streamlined, taking expensive human resources out of the equation.

As with any department in any business, Radium can work with your head of administration to review internal processes, identify where manual repetitive tasks can be automated and transform those tasks into automated processes you no longer have to concern yourself with.

  • Google Sheet

    When I am assigned a new task

  • Sage

    Add it to my to-do list

  • Complete task successfully

Why choose Radium as your automation experts?

  • +20 years working in the IT industry.
  • We’ve built automations in all types of industry.
  • We’ll review your manual processes and help you come up with simple, budget friendly ways to automate your business processes.
  • Clear and transparent billing.
  • If we find multiple automations to deploy we’ll get the biggest cost saving automations in place first.


Save Time. Save Money.

Are your business processes streamlined? Are staff members carrying out menial tasks, wasting time, resources and skills that could be put to better use?

Our software team can review your manual processes and automate them. Whereas before, you may have had a skilled staff member manually carrying out these time-wasting tasks, we make them happen automatically.

Automation frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to redistribute them to purposeful objectives.


What business should have automations?

Every business should have automations in place to make work easier, but here are a few automation ideas for businesses based on size.

Automations for sole trader or small business

Stop spending time on paperwork. We can automate your invoicing and workflow so it makes it easier to charge when you are supposed to. This automation will help your cash flow and helps plan your work to see what sales are ahead of you.

Automations for business with 5+ employees

Business automations allow your staff to focus on what’s important. Instead of hiring more staff, work smarter. This makes staff workloads easier to manage and saves on salary and overhead costs.

Business automations for businesses with 5+ employees could also include time clocks to manage billable hours, tasking to automate work flow and document preparation to speed up business proposals, customer communication and administration work.

By creating business process automations you can do more work with your current headcount. This keeps salary costs down while increasing sales.


How It Works?

Step 1: Let’s Talk

We’ll sit down with you and find ways of automating your business processes and calculate the savings.

Step 2: Get a Quote

We’ll give you a quote to complete your automation project.

We can break this into phases so you can start getting results and savings right away.

We will measure the results from the automation to tell you how much time you are saving.

Step 3: Setup

We’ll train your staff on how to run, check and get the most from the automation processes.

After a month of running the automation we’ll check the savings that you have made.


Automation Examples

Process Flow Automation

Get your staff working the same way.

Make sure your staff are following the same processes. By automating your business processes you get more done in less time. Remove unnecessary paperwork, and endless report filling and get clarity on what needs to happen to make your business run smoothly.

We can help your business create process flow automation around sales processes, customer onboarding, invoicing and account management. However your business operates we can help you.

Billable Time Automation

Are you missing opportunities for extra income? Ensure you’re charging for any extra services provided.

With our billable time automation, staff can list services provided to customers as outside the standard terms of a quotation or service level agreement.

Our automation will then add this charge to the customer's invoice through your accountancy software. No more scrolling through call logs and emails, getting approvals for additional work or forgetting to add extra charges!

This automation will save you time creating and checking additional invoices for your customers.

Time Management Automation

Measure where your staffs’ time is been spent.

With our time management automation, you can see how your staff spend their time per week or month. Reduce unnecessary tasks and business administration. Focus on what's important, servicing your customers and building new business opportunities.

This is a great tool for understanding where you can create efficiencies and optimisation in your business.

Our successful business Automations

Some of the business automations we have put into place for our clients are:

  • Weekly Time Given To Customers by employee.
  • Billable time to Customers outside of service level agreements.
  • 3rd party charges to clients applied directly to invoicing.
  • Pricing automations to speed up quotations.



Below are just some examples of the applications we can integrate. We can work with any process or application you use, to send data from one to the next, automatically.

and many more...