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IT Support 24/7 for businesses of all sizes. Radium's excellent levels of IT support receive 96% satisfaction from our clients.

We provide outstanding 247 IT support to your staff whatever their location. Our IT support packages help your business as it grows. Radium’s IT support provides expert outsourced IT support systems to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Call now to get IT Support for your business.

Devices under management

We help over 500+ users with their IT problems. Right now, XX of our end user's PCs and XX are switched on and running.


Customers Rate Us: 96%

Our IT support is rated 96% by our customer's users. They trust us to solve their IT problems.


100% of Customers Recommend

When asked, 100% of our customers would recommend Radiums IT Support and managed services to other businesses.

IT Support when you need it

Radium’s IT helpdesk provides a central point of contact for all day-to-day technical issues. We take pride in our rapid IT support response rate.

From when you raise a ticket on your personalised IT support dashboard we have an average response rate of 10 minutes.

This rapid IT support response rate means you get IT help when you need it. No matter the time of day.

Our IT support is unmatched in the industry. We pride ourselves on rapid response times, ensuring your problem is resolved first time, every time.



Radium IT Support Key Benefits

Our unique customer dashboard lets our clients view important IT key performance indicators for their business.

This tool lets you view real-time statistics about your IT environment. Your personalised IT dashboard gives you transparent reporting on a number of IT systems including:

  • Growth / Decline of devices on your IT infrastructure.
  • Growth / Decline of servers on your IT infrastructure.
  • Available disk space on servers.
  • Alerts Open/Closed.
  • Open / Closed IT Support service requests.
  • IT support service requests over time.
  • Warranties & renewal dates.
  • Financial Summary
  • Additional Fees Accrued (if any)
  • Much more to come.


Radium Local IT Support based in Dublin

From our headquarters in Dublin we provide IT support to many different industries.

If your business is based in the Dublin area we are very happy to come visit you, conduct an IT audit survey and tell you how Radium IT Support can improve your business.

Using a local IT support provider is vital for any business in Dublin. There are multiple costs to not having professional IT support for your business.

How much does IT downtime cost?

IT downtime costs differ by business or industry size. Correct IT support will minimise some of the following impacts on your business.

Lost Revenue

When your IT system goes down can you get sales across the line?

Wasted Marketing Spend

When your IT system goes down any money you’re spending on marketing is also wasted. If you can’t close sales will your customers go somewhere else?

Missed SLA commitments

If your business is tied to service level agreements it’s important your IT system is managed correctly and securely. This is especially important if your business operates in a regulated industry.

Lost productivity

It costs you money if your staff can’t perform due to IT systems not working. If your overhead budget is €1,000,000 per a year every day is costing your business €4,348. You can’t afford the risk.

Damaged Brand Reputation

Your company will look unprofessional and disorganised if IT systems are inefficient and can’t be relied on. Make sure you protect your brand reputation by minimising IT downtime.

Stress & Hassle

IT systems not working right and the issues created in managing IT systems breaking, causes hassle, takes you away from running your business and taking care of your customers. Make sure you minimise this stress and hassle by having your professional IT support in place.


Assets Under Management

Assets Under Management Created with Sketch. 0 % OFFLINE ONLINE 0 % SERVERS ( 0 ) PCs ( 0 ) Assets Under Management Created with Sketch. 0 % OFFLINE ONLINE 0 % SERVERS ( 0 ) PCs ( 0 )

Across our client base, we currently manage 0 servers which span On-Prem, Azure and AWS locations.

0 of the servers we manage are online at the moment. The other 0 are either administratively down (to save money on Azure compute utilisation for example) or represent issues we are working to address for our client's environments.

Along with the 0 servers spanning multiple industries, ranging from property development companies, accountants, solicitors, medical, audio visual specialists, print management, financial trading, recruitment, furniture importers and non-profit organisations) we also manage a total of 0 PCs/laptops across those sectors too.

Right now, 0 PCs are active and online, 0 are switched off or disconnected.

We also manage firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi, UPS, smart phones, tablets, printers and all other types of IOT devices.


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